ap gov ch. 12 p.303-end

ap gov ch. 12 p.303-end - Jessie Chen 3 rd period AP Gov Ch...

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Unformatted text preview: Jessie Chen 3 rd period AP Gov 2/13/08 Ch. 12 Outline p.303-end Are the National Media Biased? • 3 Qs: political attitude. Affect of attitude. Citizens belief. Yes, yes, probably • Views of members of national media: greatly liberal since 1980s. 91% media in 1992 were Dems. Only 43% of public Dems in 1992. media more secular too. Public knows media is liberal. Fox conser: Limbaugh and Oreilly. • Talk radio grown rapidly – conserv. Radio station owners put conserve. On airs, based on ratings. Liberal talk shows dropped w/ low ratings. • Conserve. Common= more self-defined conserv. Ppl. Conserv. Don’t think their views on media is right. And liberal stations more diverse so hard to centralize. • Does belies of national media effect how they report their news: press should be neutral except radio talk shows. Newspaper is neutral. In Euro newspaper are partisan. Tone of politicians in the stories. • Routine stories: cover stories major political events covered by main reporters w/ simple matters. Major bill pass, SC ruling • Feature stories: a reporter has to seek out. Not routinely published. i.e.- member of Congress w/ unusual invest. • Insider stories: secret stories. Some gov. insider leaked the story. May be influenced by reporters of what’s covered. • Routine stories may reflect influence of editor. • Feature & insider have views of journalists and reporters. • Early newspaper in US = no routine story. All opinion....
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ap gov ch. 12 p.303-end - Jessie Chen 3 rd period AP Gov Ch...

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