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i. rise and fall of bourgeoisie happen on its own and its inevitable ii. weber- party, status, class focused on ideal types Party: political group (gov) – interested in power social communities goal oriented, intentional orientation toward that goal struggling for domination influence a staff within an organization, that rationalized (has rules) in order for party to exist an org. already exists class and status are bases for what party is Status: Consumption Way others see you Honor esteem (honor in others’ eyes)
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Unformatted text preview: Property What they do = displaying style of life to ensure esteem. How much money you have matters, but not always Status without money: priesthood a style of life that represents connection to god. i.e.: Dalai Lama: ascetiscism member of certain status group Mark style of life by material monopolies this material good says something about my group different from other goods. Can work positively or negatively Race/ethnicity: can negatively mark a status group, color, ancestry, etc. Class: Producers vs. non-producers Exploit labor (Marx)...
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