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discussion 2.2.09 - • Property • What they do =...

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i. marx- an illustrated & quotable timeline of class struggle: rise and fall of bourgeoisie happen on its own and its inevitable ii. weber- party, status, class focused on ideal types Party: political group (gov) – interested in power social communities goal oriented, intentional orientation toward that goal struggling for domination influence a staff within an organization, that rationalized (has rules) in order for party to exist an org. already exists class and status are bases for what party is Status: Consumption Way others see you Honor esteem (honor in others’ eyes)
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Unformatted text preview: • Property • What they do = displaying style of life to ensure esteem. How much money you have matters, but not always • Status without money: priesthood a style of life that represents connection to god. i.e.: Dalai Lama: ascetiscism member of certain status group • Mark style of life by material monopolies – this material good says something about my group different from other goods. Can work positively or negatively • Race/ethnicity: can negatively mark a status group, color, ancestry, etc. Class: • Producers vs. non-producers • Exploit labor (Marx)...
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