discussion 3.9.09 jeopardy game

discussion 3.9.09 jeopardy game - 1 Functional...

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1. Functional structuralism – stratification of classes is necessary for functioning of society, motivation. Talcott Parsons(functionalist) – someone who believes the structures of society exists because they’re useful and it works 2. myth of underclass & special segregation: underclass poor segregated from the white and black middle class 3. example of American Dream ideology from Roger & Me: Amway color analyst, TV evangelist 4. ethnicization in maintaining American Dream as ideology: Korean Americans, not all Asians follow the same route. Pits model minority against ghetto underclass by using generalization of race Blue Dreams , assigned status of groups on cultural differences rather than racial history 5. status exclusion from Roger & Me: Miss America, Great Gatsby Party using people as statues at the party by upper class. 6. Marx & Mills difference: proletariat break free by acting as an entire class using the sociological imagination and having class consciousness 7. 10 characteristics of society transitioning into communism after the
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discussion 3.9.09 jeopardy game - 1 Functional...

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