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Film Paris is Burning: Idolizing status through fashion ‘realness’ of drag: gender can be deeply internalized beyond sex Category of ‘realness’: connecting physical bodies to gender- passing Ball connect race, class, status, with gender, sexual orientation Contradictions between gender & sex leading to internal conflict Conflict solved through dancing/voguing Strong class consciousness- families internalization of inferiority Status divisions- inferiority in society, balls provide another level of status, stigmatized group, can use their share in stigma to create group identity to have positive effect in group. Inside the culture the status markers are inverted
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Unformatted text preview: • In fighting- separate houses, problem for collective action • Rejection from private families: ballroom is a space of comfort • Subculture: own language form of fighting , dominant culture picks up on subculture, but dilutes subculture • Empowered within ball- not same personal power outside of ball • Generation gap: “complete” woman vs. performance at balls • Heterosexual values replicated: mother as hard worker • Hegemonic power structure challenged; insights • 3 strikes: black, poor, gay • Sexuality strongly defined around dichotomy...
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