discussion 3.30.09

discussion 3.30.09 - Glass escalator: -occupational sex...

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Glass escalator: - occupational sex segregation : concentration of a single gender in certain industries and job types, in this study- librarian, nurse, teacher, social worker. Feminized or masculinized jobs. -nursing admin is heavily dominated by men though nursing is dominated by women. - method of study: in-depth interviewing with mostly males, some females. Discrimination, dynamics of being a male in a feminized field. ‘token group’ literature- groups that are less than 15% of the population are discriminated towards. Prob: hasn’t looked at people who are dominant in society. Only looks at AA in white jobs and females in male dominated jobs. Glass escalator: male experience in feminized professions = automatic ‘pushed up’, counterposed to glass ceiling, moved by: male supervisors; professors because pushing them into more ‘masculine-identified work’ -public opinion : 1. stereotypes of what men do, mocking 2. ideas of sexual deviance : pervert for men to be kindergarten
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discussion 3.30.09 - Glass escalator: -occupational sex...

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