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Underclass Culture of poverty – poverty is not a structural condition, but based on individual level bad choices and dysfunctional culture Matriarchal family structure is at it’s core poisonous to create poverty, strong woman heading a family emasculates male ‘the marriage cure’ – poverty is caused by single motherhood , therefore the solution is to end single motherhood through marriage Marriage cure article: -journalistic perspective -critique -kim & corean’s face structural barriers that won’t be fixed by marriage -single mothers have issues- but is this the right solution?
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Unformatted text preview: -problem with men – culture poverty -corean’s oldest son cultural problems • what is marriage? -social and legal binding contract, being adult man and woman but being disputed for gay marriage and polygamy, incestuous marriage -benefits taxes, insurances, inheritance -for men, social acceptance/premium • What does it cure?-legally financial solution -poor + poor = poorer-poor + rich = upward mobility-rich + rich = status boost -instabilities -home for the future -economic incentives • Security within relationship, stability • Confers adult status upon teenagers...
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