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Structure of family time: 4 stages: 0-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 Adult care takers: who were they? On home or more? Within each home: how much time @ work for each adult? At home? Ho was the 2 nd shift divided? Was time at home structured or free flowing? For you: how was your day structured? Where did you spend it? Who with? Overall- similarities/diffs w/ time bind Changes across life stages? Why? Time bind: pressure, lack of time for a successful balance between work and family Hochschild: the managed heart, the second shift, the time bind How capitalism shapes intimate life and emotional life Third shift- emotional aspect- consequences for family relationships
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Unformatted text preview: fallout- mainly on children • Time debt: promised time for children that never come repaid through ‘treats’ – placeholder, but doesn’t really repay the time debt, appease kids temporarily, but also worker themselves in terms of free time, sleep • Total quality- cultural and moral environment specific to the work place – feeling of family • Taylorization- routinized, mechanized, timetables, “child time” • Family time mediated by class (need for money), own upbringing and childhood, home values, effect take shape through different mediums, constraints, values, and ideas....
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