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discussion 4.13.09 nickel and dimed

discussion 4.13.09 nickel and dimed - Blamed for owners’...

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Jobs working conditions for the maids Short lunches, heavy duty, repetitive, overworked for the hourly pay , blamed for owners’ mess , work through sickness and pain, couldn’t accept water from owners, exposed to harmful chemicals. Hurried schedules Many people were afraid to quit despite their medical conditions because they don’t have time and they can’t afford to look for another job and not have their paycheck on time Couldn’t say certain things. Time pressure, 5-10 min lunch break Unacknowledged health risks
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Unformatted text preview: Blamed for owners’ mistakes • Bodies become machines • No pause or value placed on work • No replenishing of • Very small percentage of company fee • People who hire maids are outsourcing their housework- they are tried from work and they don’t know or concern • Outsourced labor is that necessary? Women who were stay at home moms, dual income couples that do not hire outside care, • Stay at home mom needs higher status- maids are lower than them. • Don’t get paid for extra hours • Health issues •...
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