Discussion 4.27.09 - Ideas behaviors identities& social capital from receiving to sending country through migrants Things going back to

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Transnational villages: Transnationailsm: being a part of multiple nations, transcends physical boundaries and geopolitical boundaries, member/citizen of more than 1 nation Migration: forging links between “sending” and “receiving” countrie. above: governments and capitalism and economic driving migration below: conditions come from the people themselves Globalization: context for transnationalism , connections from above, movement of capital, and capitalist enterprise. *money and capital not the same thing. Capital use to reinvest and make other money, goods that help with production. Not money that you spend. -when talking about globalization about money investment in different places. i.e.: US automakers relocating factories to Mexico, and selling the cars to Europe, global spread where the activities of capitalism takes place. Social remittances: social, cultural, moral values that cross boundaries.
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Unformatted text preview: Ideas, behaviors, identities & social capital from receiving to sending country through migrants. Things going back to Dominican Republic from US -remittance: flows of material things from receiving to sending country through migrants how are they sent?-migrants travel back-phone lines-letters -TV Media – globalization , transnationalism / social remittances – double exposure through those two factors, • Three types of remittances transferred: 1) normative structures – values, beliefs, ideals. -i.e.: different gender roles 2) systems of practice: day to day behaviors such as styles 3) social capital: prestige, networks that link you to resources . overall networks. • Technology & media: • Site for social remittances video: www.ifad.org/media/video/index.htm “cash flow fever” , scroll down a lot. 20 minutes...
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