lecture 2.2.09 - Class Inequality The intersection...

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Class Inequality The intersection biography and history within society will allow you to make an important distinction between: personal troubles and public issues c. Wright mills (believed inequality, America was ruled by elite (exclusively white, male, Christian, found in political, military , business establishments, controls and shapes major decisions) i.e.: divorce, domestic violence Every society has stratification class is a way of stratification Great impact on life circumstances and possibilities Inequality rises: lowest barely increases, but highest fifth’s income increases by 68% Mexico, Russia, more unequal then US. Sweden, Germany more less unequal than US Who goes to college? – distributed by income quartile Wealth = what you own(assets : property). Top 1% owns 32.7%, bottom 50% owns 2.8% How Class Inequality Comes About: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: Added more clarity and precision to the term elite. who are they? – crucial division in any society between those who own the means of production (capital) and those who do not. Distinctive 2 sides. People on each side for a separate class.
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lecture 2.2.09 - Class Inequality The intersection...

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