lecture 2.9.09 - Lecture 6: Explaining class reproduction...

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Lecture 6: Explaining class reproduction Does the Davis-Moore hypothesis have merit?: What is the relationship b/t income and functional importance i.e.: actors paid a lot but little functional importance agricultural workers paid little but very important How to arrive at supply and demand issue: point where there are/aren’t enough skilled doctors. At scarce right now Society rewards those who are hard working How does inequality get continued? Why does inequality reproduce from generation to generation? -Marx: bourgeoisie vs. proletariat need more people in the proletariat, capitalism requires these 2 classes and more workers and fewer capitalists -Weber: class determined by the market situation why is market situation seem to be inherited, why do people stay on the same side of market? How ? -upward mobility – ability to move up in America society, but for most part of the population it does not exist. -circumstances and ways in which they were raised. Start with unequal childhoods, end with unequal adulthoods Theories of social reproduction: How social class reproduces itself What are the barriers that constrain and inhibit upward mobility -family -schools
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lecture 2.9.09 - Lecture 6: Explaining class reproduction...

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