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lecture 4.22.09 walmart movie part 2

lecture 4.22.09 walmart movie part 2 - • Workers in China...

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Intro, skip historical context, ch. 2, pay attention to ch. 3-4, 7 (ethnographic chapters) , Walmart notes Red esry- owner of esry grocery store , small family business, become attached to employees. Subsidy granted to set up walmart in the cities. Family business threatened. In Brookefield. Forced to close 3 stores. Mayor said that they’re still going to open the stores w/o subsidy. nationwide walmart subsidy 1.008 billion Mayor of Cathedral City- walmart didn’t keep their promises and now they’re short money on policemen and firemen. Money walmart received affected school systems, that money could have been put into education system. Belmont, NC- Catawba river – environment harms from Walmart chemicals from walmart stored by storm water drain. Unresponsible. Fined by EPA
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Unformatted text preview: • Workers in China work over time. The meals offered by factory is really disgusting. Dorm factory allocated still deduct from wages. Have to live in the dorms. Still charge rent if living out. Have to lie for inspection when people from overseas come to say they only worked for 6 days rather than 7. if you lie well rewarded, if not fired. Wage = <$3 per day. Walmart imported $18 billion from china in 2004. • Wages in Bangladesh. 13 cents per hour. Workers with no rights. • Global manager lied and sold out, then fired, even though he was trying to look out for walmart. • The 4 heirs of walmart = 100 + billion. • Walmart employees gave $5 million out of their paychecks to help out fellow employees. Walton family gave $6k • Done nothing to protect customers in parking lot....
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