lecture 4.29.09 - Transnational villagers intro,...

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Transnational villagers intro, 2,3,4,conclusion Recreating poverty: In the global economy, banks make high risk/high interest loans to many poor countries Banks want to ensure that they can collect on their loans Therefore they insist that governments spend less on their people so that they can repay the bank: -i.e.: the structural adjustment programs for of the IMF- adjust structure of your economy Three demands of World financial institutions: world bank, IMF (int’l monetary fund) 1) austerity measures -to cut back on social welfare health. -i.e.: to cut back on agriculture subsidies(government used to give farmers fertilizers, seeds, at very low subsidized cost) farmers have higher costs, harder to produce food prices goes up -i.e.: countries cut back on food subsidies (most of their food can’t pay price of staples, governments use to sell basic food products at subsidized rates) – removed those subsidized rates rising prices limited amount of $$ but have to pay more less money, driven further into poverty if you’re a poor family -*poor families send children to school, they feel like they need more people to work take daughters out of school (back to gender differences) and put to work, or babysit young children while everyone else is working, because sons need to be educated more he’ll be head of household. Future of the girls cut off first -**women feel like it’s their responsibility that their children have enough to
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lecture 4.29.09 - Transnational villagers intro,...

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