01 - 08/26/10 23:39:31 CS 61B: Lecture 1 Friday, August 27,...

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08/26/10 23:39:31 1 01 CS 61B: Lecture 1 Friday, August 27, 2010 Prof. Jonathan Shewchuk, jrs@cory.eecs Today’s reading: Handout: Course Overview (also available from CS 61B Web page) Also, read the CS 61B Web page as soon as possible! >>> http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/˜jrs/61b <<< YOU are responsible for keeping up with the readings and assignments. I won’t always remind you. The course newsgroup is required reading: ucb.class.cs61b Labs ---- Labs (in 275 Soda) start Tuesday. Discussion sections start Thursday. You must attend your scheduled lab (as assigned by Telebears) to: 1) get on the class list so we can give you a grade, and 2) get an account (needed for Lab 1 and Homework 1). You may only attend the lab in which you are officially enrolled. If you are not enrolled in a lab (on the waiting list or in concurrent enrollment), you must attend a lab that has space (show up and ask the TA if there’s room for you). You will not be enrolled in the course until you are enrolled in a lab. If you’re on the waiting list and the lab you want is full, you can change to one that isn’t, or you can stay on the waitlist and hope somebody drops. If you’re not yet enrolled in a lab, just keep going to them until you find one that has room for you (that week). Once you get enrolled in a lab, though, you must always attend the one you’re enrolled in. Prerequisites ------------- If you have not taken CS 61A or E 7, you have two choices: drop the class, or fill out an appeal form (in 393 Soda). You will probably be dropped automatically; see the drop list outside of 379 Soda. If you’ve taken a data structures course before, you might be able to skip CS 61B. See the Course Overview and Brian Harvey (781 Soda) for details. Textbooks --------- Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, Head First Java, Second Edition, O’Reilly, 2005. ISBN # 0-596-00920-8. Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia, Data Structures and Algorithms in (The first/third/fourth edition is just as good, but not the second.) We will use Sierra/Bates for the first month. Lay your hands on a copy as soon as possible. Buy the CS 61B class reader at Copy Central, 2483 Hearst.
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01 - 08/26/10 23:39:31 CS 61B: Lecture 1 Friday, August 27,...

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