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Unformatted text preview: ISOM 101 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Professor Raymond G. Sin Overview Admin. Issues Schedule and Class Materials Group Project Game Administrative Issues (1) Teaching Assistants: Yixin (Sarah) Zhang ([email protected]) Weifang Wu ([email protected]) TAs’ Office: Rm 4381/4331 (ph: 2358-8056) Tas’ Office Hours: Mon 4:30-5:30pm/Tue 2:00-3:00pm Your cooperation to create a pleasant learning environment Administrative Issues (2) Attend the lecture section you are enrolled in Attend the lab section you are enrolled in Be punctual for lab and lecture Turn off pagers and phones Do not distract others Severe penalties for students who disrupt the class… What should I bring to class? Name sheet Full name (last, first); student ID, session number Paper+Pen/laptop/PDA, etc. What should I not bring to class? Nothing really – if I see it, I share it :) FAQs Do I need a textbook? Do I need to come to class? Why do we have labs in addition to lectures? Why can’t we have the slides before lectures? Will you follow the syllabus (strictly)? What major should I choose? What kind of jobs will I get if I major in IS? Grading 15% Participation 15% Lab Assignment 20% Group Project 20% Midterm Exam 30% Final Exam Schedule Overview Important Dates: Feb 18: Finalized Group List Due Mar 7: Proposal Due Mar 14: Midterm Exam Review Mar 18: Midterm Exam Mar 25: Last day to submit finalized topic for project and to schedule for presentation Apr 8: Group Project Due Apr 26-29(tentative): Industry Week Apr 8, 11, 15, 18 and May 6: Project Presentation May 13: Final Exam Review May 21-31 (TBA): Final Exam Industry Week: Our Previous Speakers Raymond Cheng (HSBC) - Head of IT Wilfree Ho (BOCHK) - MA, CFA, Head of IT at BOC Prof. Kar-Yan Tam - Founder of GBUS; Dean of Undergraduate Education Tom Wilson (KPMG) - Partner, Risk Advisory Services Raymond Wong (PMI) - President Leroy Yau (Ernst & Young) - Director, Risk Advisory Services; CPA and Certified Information Systems Auditor Raymond Yu (itSMF) - Vice Chairman Henry Shek (KPMG) - Principal, Performance & Technology Samuel Pun (Yahoo!) - Head of Search, Asia Course Overview (Pre-MT) Course Overview (Post-MT) Group Project: Goals To apply knowledge in information systems to understand our surrounding world To provide training for: Team building Business presentation Generating professional report Research and analytical skills Final year project Group Project – Potential Topics (1) Wii (Console wars, future applications, impacts on social relationships) Music Industry (BT, iTunes+iPod strategy, business proposals on future sales/distribution channels) Tsui Wah “Cha Chan Ting” (applications of RFID) Octopus card (business opportunities, privacy implications, legal and ethical issues) Group Project – Potential Topics (2) Androids (Google phone, robot wives) Emerging technologies (Microsoft Surface, virtual fitting rooms, iPad, organic/dual displays, etc.) Emerging business models (e.g. iPhone apps, 2nd-Life, branding using Web 2.0 apps ) Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Xanga, LinkedIn…) E-commerce in China (Alibaba, Taobao, Baidu, etc.) Group Project – Team Setup A team should consists of 5 students from the same section where they are officially registered Each team should have one coordinator As a liaison and official correspondent Work Distribution Your call, your responsibility Proposal and Project presentation will be graded All project-related grades will be shared equally among team members Group Project – Proposal Two pages, 1.5-spaced, 1-inch margin all around on a standard letter-size (A4) paper First page: articulate your project objective What do you plan to study? Why is it interesting? What is (are) the focal question(s) you aim to address? (Limit to a maximum of 2) Hint: must be relevant and interesting Second page: your research approach Do you use data? If so, how do you plan to acquire it? (e.g. survey, government database, etc.) – note: if you plan to use secondary data, be specific on your (potential) sources GAME TIME! ...
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