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classical musicalforms ancient history recitative

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Unformatted text preview: heater Church Part of a Church service Concert style Subject Secular entertainment Fully dramatized (staging, costumes, etc.) Classical Musical forms Ancient history Recitative Recitative Da capo aria Da capo aria Performance style mythology Accompaniment Orchestra (staging, costumes omitted) Gospel reading Chorus Orchestra ORATORIO Cantata: Awake, A Voice is Calling First performed November 25, 1731 Text based on St. Matthew 25: 1­13 Contrast between the wise and the foolish Theme: get your spiritual house in order Three movements for chorus Based on a traditional chorale Chorale: German hymn tune Movements use tune and text Cantata: Awake, A Voice is Calling First movement a chorale fantasy Sopranos sing chorale tune Altos, tenors, and basses Sing contrapuntal accompaniment Reflects meaning of the text Orchestral accompaniment Three motives in opening ritornello Plays an interlude between chorale phrases...
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