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Definitionoffugue acompositionforthreeormoreparts

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Unformatted text preview: s the subject Episode Free sections Subject is not heard in its entirety Definition of Fugue A composition for three or more parts Vocal or instrumental Begins with successive statements of the subject Continues with alternations of subject and episodes Organ Fugue in G minor (c1710) Nine statements of the subject Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Concertino: violin, flute, and harpsichord Harpsichord treated as a soloist Considered the first concerto for a keyboard instrument First movement in Ritornello form Nine ritornello sections Divided in two themes, A and B Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Solo sections Motives derived from ritornello themes Ritornello theme, part A Solo Section 1 Last solo section concludes with a lengthy cadenza for the harpsichord OPERA OPERA Performance location Purpose CANTATA T...
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