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Chapter_20_6e - Chapter 20 Classical Genres Chapter 20...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 20: Classical Genres Chapter 20: Classical Genres Vocal Music Baroque Opera Baroque Opera Opera seria Heroic characters Recitative and aria Rigid divisions between them Only one emotion per aria Classic opera Comic opera Realistic characters Recitative and aria Moves smoothly between styles Rapid changes in mood Vocal ensembles Multiple characters sing simultaneously Each character’s response to the dramatic action Often closes a scene or act Replaces the traditional “exit aria” Provides better dramatic sense Mozart’s operas Written in a variety of traditions Traditional opera seria La clemenza di Tito Opera buffa The Marriage of Figaro Don Giovanni Singspiel Spoken dialogue replaces recitative The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) Mozart’s operas Theatrical quality of music perfectly suited to opera Depicts and differentiates characters through music Juxtaposition of themes match swift dramatic changes Mozart: Don Giovanni, K. 527 Drama critical of the aristocracy Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte Mozart’s principal librettist Received advice from Casanova Great ingenuity needed to avoid censorship Don Giovanni Composed in 1787 Premiere: Prague, October 1787 Favorable reception by the audience Casanova in attendance Overture Composed the night before the opening Incorporates important themes in the opera Don Giovanni Characters in Act I Scene 1 Don Giovanni: aristocratic, rake, villain Leporello: servant to Don Giovanni Donna Anna: one of many conquests Commandant: elderly father of Donna Anna Don Giovanni Characters in Act I, Scene 7 Don Giovanni Zerlina: peasant girl, engaged to Masetto (Masetto: peasant boy, dismissed by Don Giovanni) ...
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