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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 38: Postwar Jazz Chapter 38: Postwar Jazz Bebop Improvisation instead of composition “Jammed” in small, elite groups Ensemble Quintet: trumpet, saxophone, piano, double bass, and drums Played at an breakneck pace Bebop Definition Emerged shortly after World War II Complex, hard­driving jazz Played without musical notation Name derived from the snappy sounds of the melody Bebop Notable bebop musicians Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie Thelonious Monk “Salt Peanuts” Strophic, each strophe having AABA form Intro, five strophes, coda Intro: “Salt Peanuts” motive A: Melody with “Salt Peanuts” motive A: Repeat of A melody B: Contrasting melody A: Repeat of A melody; interlude Coda: Same as intro Later Jazz Styles Cool Jazz Style emerged in the 1950s Softer, relaxed, and less frenzied than bebop Emphasizes lyricism and restraint Instruments in the lower part of range Miles Davis a representative musician “Jeru” Strophic, each strophe having AABA form A: Melody begins in homophonic style A: Melody line repeated B: Accented figures punctuated by ensemble Baritone saxophone solo leads to… A: Melody line repeated Final strophe: dramatically altered melody B section: trumpet solo instead of baritone sax Coda Later Jazz Styles Jazz­fusion Cultivated by American bands in the 1970s Mixture of jazz and rock style Rock rhythms, repetitious harmonies Big­band brass sound and improvisation Economically successful Later Jazz Styles Jazz­fusion Current jazz artists Diana Krall Chris Botti Boney James Wynton Marsalis (1961­) New Orleans native From family of jazz musicians Studied classical repertoire at Juilliard School Known as spokesperson of jazz today ...
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