Chapter_40_6e - Chapter 40 Rock Chapter 40 Rock Music of Rebellion Rhythm and Blues Style Twelve­bar blues chord progression Quadruple meter

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 40: Rock Chapter 40: Rock Music of Rebellion Rhythm and Blues Style Twelve­bar blues chord progression Quadruple meter, strong steady beat Shouting style Originally created and played by black musicians Rock ‘n’ roll Term coined by Alan Freed (1921­1965) Alternative name for rhythm and blues Disseminated through radio broadcasts Elvis First great exponent of this style Combined black and white musical traditions 149 hit songs Over 30 movie roles The Beatles (1960­1970) Realized the full economic potential of teen music Created original sounds Composed in new styles First modern music video Developed the “concept album” Changed the world of popular music British Invasion (late 1960s) Infused popular music with a harder edge Inspired by older blues singers Added the electric guitar Often included long instrumental improvisations Jimi Hendrix (1942­1970) Most original, influential rock guitarist Wide harmonic vocabulary Varied songwriting style Expanded the range and timbre of the amplified guitar Punk Rock (mid 1970s) Self­destructive and nihilistic Alternative to disco and arena rock Crudely amplified sound, driving rhythm, simple harmony The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash Grunge (mid 1990s) Dark and introspective Re­created rocks raw essence Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Rap Emerged from the South Bronx (late 1970s) Associated with hip­hop culture Initial sources of influence Funk Disco Black preaching tradition ...
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