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MUSIC APPRECIATION - MUS 1751 Intersession Syllabus Dr. Rachel M. Harris, Instructor [email protected] Required Materials and Resources: 1. Craig Wright – Listening To Music , 6th ed., includes textbook with an introductory CD (attached to back cover) and a supplementary set of 2 CD’s This is a new edition with a white cover – do not by any books with a brown cover. There is also an ebook option for this course - http://www.cengage.com/us/ All students will need to register for a Cengage Learning Account 2. Musical examples on Moodle 3. Supplemental materials on Moodle, added periodically throughout the session Course Description and Objectives: This course is a part of the General Education curriculum because it fosters an appreciation of the arts, particularly music. Students will learn to think about, describe, interpret, and analyze a wide variety of musical genres. The world of music is enormous, but a vast portion of it is virtually invisible to us in our commercially oriented culture, dominated as it is by trends with a very brief “shelf life,” most of which are relentlessly aimed at young consumers. In this class however, we’ll examine art music of the Western world that is more than likely not part of most people’s everyday experience, but which has endured changing times and tastes. You, the student, will be called upon to develop some new listening skills that require little more than patience, concentration, perseverance and an open mind (musical talent and performing skills are bonuses, but are not prerequisites for success in this class). In time we of course hope that you develop an “appreciation” for (i.e., an understanding of the value and significance) and a basic working knowledge of such things as symphonies,
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OLD_Intersession_Syllabus - MUSIC APPRECIATION MUS 1751...

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