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I have looked over the information about Amanda’s habits of substance abuse. The most helpful recovery strategies would be to go talk to her doctor about different methods as well as finding support groups for alcoholics. If she finds a support group it will have other members that are growing through the same thing as her, and can help her out when she start to feel weak. If she tries to stop all at once and don’t take steps to stopping it could hurt her in the long run if she failed at quitting she would depend on the substance abuse even more. She has used tobacco and pills for so long that she would need to use steps to stop quitting if she wants it to be effective. I think that it would benefit her to go to an inpatient facility because they could help her out. She
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Unformatted text preview: would receive different methods to help cope with her problems, as well as wing her off of everything the proper way. She is going to face a lot of problems trying to succeed in wanting to end her abuse habits. She will need a lot of support from her friends and family, if she doesn’t have support groups it is going to be hard for her to quit. She also needs to learn how to start trusting her parents again and learn to lean on them. She going to need to start cutting out all the bad people in her life that connect her to her abuse problems. Amanda is going to need to learn how to deal with stress in a different way than she does right now. She need to gain the skills to look at situations as she encounters them and determine what is the best way to handle that situation....
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