Coping Styles And Psychological Preparation

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Case A: Gerry is a 64-year-old male, who is tall and lean. He is walking back and forth the cardiologist’s office. For the last several days he has been having tightness in his chest and shortness of breath. He has not told his wife about what been going on because her father passed away not too long ago of a heart attack, so she is still mourning the loss of him. Gary has a tight schedule because he is a real estate broker and his cardiologist told him that need a cardiac catheterization, so he fit the appointment into that tight schedule. He has been wondering if all the hard work and extra time he has gave his company worth the health problems he is encountering know. The coping style that Gerry has is that he likes to avoid certain things because he had to fit this appointment into his schedule and he also hasn’t told his wife about it. This makes it hard for him because he is so driven with trying to be the best at work that he is avoiding what really matters which is his health which isn’t good for him to do. With his job as being a real estate broker he is a very busy person so he avoids the symptoms
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