Lab7 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology MicroComputers 20073 0618-303 Lab #6 Lab # 7: Infrared (IR) TekBot Control Educational Objective: The educational objective of this laboratory is to utilize the IR transmitter/receiver on the mega128.2 boards to create a remote control TekBot. For this lab exercise you will be working with a lab partner. You will be submitting one pre-lab and one lab report for the pair. Pre-Laboratory: 1. Download the zip file: “Lab 7 Files” from myCourses. The first file (lab7-pre-tx.hex) is the hex file for the remote control transmitter. This program continuously reads the input switches S5, S6, S7, & S8 and transmits their values to the IR transmitter via the UART. The second file (lab7-pre-rx.asm) is the source file for the remote control receiver. Read, understand and add comments to this source code. 2. Program your board with the lab6-pre-tx.hex file and press switches S5, S6, S7 & S8 to determine the character that is transmitted by the IR transmitter for each button press. The
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Lab7 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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