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MicroComputers Spring 20073 0618-303 Lab #4 Lab # 4 : Subroutines Educational Objective: The educational objective of this laboratory is to investigate the use of subroutines in the AVR assembly language. Pre-Laboratory: 1. Design an assembly language program that outputs one-of-four square waves based on the mode selected by the user. The output waveform will be on output on pin PB0 of PortB and the mode will be selected by S1 and S2 of the mega128.2 board. 2. Using the AVR Studio 4 tool, write, assemble and simulate your program. The program must use at least four subroutines. The program should be fully commented, including a program header block, as to stand on its own with no reference to this lab handout. S2 S1 Output 0 0 T H = 4.0 mSec; T L = 1.0 mSec 0 1 T H = 3.0 mSec; T L = 2.0 mSec 1 0 T H = 2.0 mSec; T L = 3.0 mSec 1 1 T H = 1.0 mSec; T L = 4.0 mSec 3. Submit your fully documented program to the dropbox 1 hour prior to your lab section. Å
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lab4 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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