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Lab1 - processes this data as follows… o Send the lower...

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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology MicroComputers Spring 20073 0618-303 Lab #1 Lab # 1: Introduction to AVR Studio 4 Educational Objective: The educational objective of this laboratory is to learn how to use the AVR Studio 4 software development tool for the ATmega-128 MicroController. Pre-Laboratory: 1. Purchase the Digital Logic Kit. 2. Read and completely understand the entire procedure portion of this laboratory and the attached “Novice’s Guide to AVR Development” tutorial. 3. There is nothing to submit for this pre-lab. Procedure: 1. Complete the attached tutorial : “Novice’s Guide to AVR Development”. There is one change you will have to make in the example program that the tutorial gives you. Replace ‘include “8515def.inc” with ‘include “m128def.inc”. 2. Using the knowledge gained, design an assembly language program that read an 8-bit value from Port-C and
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Unformatted text preview: processes this data as follows…. o Send the lower order nibble (i.e. C 3 , C 2 , C 1 , & C ) out on the lower order nibble of Port-A (i.e. A 3 , A 2 , A 1 , A ) o Send the upper order nibble (i.e. C 7 , C 6 , C 5 , & C 4 ) out on the lower order nibble of Port-B (i.e. B 3 . B 2 . B 1 . B ) Hint: for the bit manipulation processing; look at the AND, SWAP or LSR instructions. 3. By using the AVR simulator, test and verify the program’s operation. 4. If the program does not perform as expected, make any necessary correction. Documentation: There is not full write-up for this lab; you only need to submit a hardcopy of the program that you write. Be sure to FULLY comment your program so that anyone who has no knowledge of this lab will understand the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHYs of the assignment....
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