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Micro Computers Spring 20073 0618-303 Exam #1 Study Guide Overview of μ Processors / μ Computers / μ Controllers o Class Notes o Conceptual question(s) related to their similarities and differences o Parts of the microcomputer/microcontroller o Homework #1 AVR CPU Core o AT mega 128 data sheet ; pages 10-13 (found on MyCourses) o Class notes on CPU components AVR Memory o types and uses of memory AVR Instruction Set o AVR Instruction Set ; pages 10-15 o How to read the Programming card o Difference between assembler directives and instructions o Addressing modes o HW #2 I/O Ports o Hardware of an I/O pin o o Be able to explain the function of the DDRx, PORTx, PINx registers.
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Unformatted text preview: o Given a section of AVR assembly language code, be able to determine how the ports are being configured and how they are being used (i.e. input, output, both) o Be able to write a complete AVR assembly language program that will configure and read input port(s) configure and write output port(s) manipulate input/output data (i.e. rotate, shift, mask, etc) Calculating Program Timing o Class Notes & Review Home Work #2 o Given a section of AVR assembly language code (without loops), be able to calculate the exact execution time for this code when it is run on the mega128 board. Exam #1 Study Guide...
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