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HW7 Solutions - Electrical, Computer, &...

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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology Micro Computers Spring 20073 0618-303 Homework #7 HOMEWORK #7 Due 5/02/08 1. In an AVR assembly language program, the USART Control/Status Register C (UCSR1C) has been programmed with the value 0x2D. Explain how the USART has been configured. UCSR1C = 00101101 USART1 is configured for Asynchronous operation, even parity, 2 stop bits, 7-bits per character 2. Using the configuration above, label the following on the TTL level (0 to 5 volts) serial transmission of the letter “J”: start bit, lsb, msb, data bit, parity(if applicable), stop bit(s) Lsb stop(2) 5V 0V Start Parity ********note : this really wasn’t a J, it is a ‘)’ (ASCII = 0x29) 3. Given a ATmega128 in synchronous mode has the following formula for baud rate: ) 1 ( 16 + = UBRR f BAUD osc 4800 = 20MHz / 16*(UBRR + 1) UBRR+1 = 1.25MHz/4800 UBRR = 260-1 = 259 259 = 0x103 ldi temp, 0x01 sts UBRR1H, temp ldi temp, 0x03 sts UBRR1L, temp
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HW7 Solutions - Electrical, Computer, &...

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