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HW6Solutions - ;Program ODD_EVEN;This program counts the...

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Unformatted text preview: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ;Program ODD_EVEN ; ;This program counts the number of odd and the number of even ;numbers stored in RAM locations $0100 to $01FF. Indirect ;addressing is used to get each number from those locations. ;A number is even if its LSB is a zero and it is odd if its LSB ;is a one. .include "m128def.inc" .def temp = r16 ;general purpose register .def ODDCNT = r17 ;keeps track of the number of odd #'s .def EVENCNT = r18 ;keeps track of the number of even #'s .org 0x0000 rjmp reset reset: ldi XH, 0x01 ;initialize X pointer for indirect addressing ldi XL, 0x00 ldi ODDCNT, 0x00 ;clear ODD counter ldi EVENCNT, 0x00 ;clear EVEN counter loop: ld temp, X+ ;get a byte from RAM and increment X andi temp, 0x01 ;mask out all bits except LSB breq even ;if its ZERO go to EVEN inc ODDCNT ;otherwise increment ODD jmp check ;and jump around even even: inc EVENCNT ;increment even counter check: cpi XL, 0xff ;does X = 01FF? breq end ;if so you're done rjmp loop ;get next byte end: rjmp end ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; Program Checksum ; ; This program determines its own checksum by adding together the ; contents of all of its ROM locations. It uses indirect addressing ; with the Z pointer to access the ROM space. The low byte of the ; checksum is displayed on PORTB ; .include "m128def.inc" .def temp = r16 ;general purpose register .def sum = r17 ;running total .org 0x0000 rjmp reset reset: ldi temp, 0xFF ;make portb outputs out ddrb, temp ldi ZH, 0x00 ;set the Z pointer to 0x0000 ldi ZL, 0x00 ldi sum, 0x00 ;clear sum getbyte: lpm temp, Z+ ;get a byte from ROM and increment Z add sum, temp ;add it to the total cpi ZL, 0xFF ;is the low byte of Z 0xFF? brne getbyte ;if not, get the next byte cpi ZH, 0xFF ;if the low byte of Z is 0xFF, is the high byte also? brne getbyte ;if not, get the next byte out PORTB, sum ;output checksum when at end of ROM end: rjmp end ...
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