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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology Micro Computers 20073 0618-303 Homework #3 HOMEWORK #3 Due 4/4/08 1. ; This is the program for HW3 .include “m128def.inc” .def Temp1 = R16 .def Temp2 = R17 .def Temp3 = R18 .org 0x0000 rjmp RESET RESET: ; start loop here ldi Temp1, a OUTER ldi Temp2, b MIDDLE: ldi Temp3, c INNER: dec Temp3 brne INNER dec Temp2 brne MIDDLE dec Temp1 brne OUTER ; end program here Derive the equation for the time delay of this nested loop in terms of a, b and c. 2. Design the flowchart and the program code for a program that does the following: Determine which pushbutton on the mega128.2 board is being pressed (S1-S8) Output to the LEDs the binary code for the button number (0001 for S1 and1000 for S8, for example) of the button being pushed. You can assume only one button at a time will be pushed. If no button is being pushed, all the LED’s should be off. 3. If you use the PUSH and POP instructions within a subroutine to temporarily store
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HW3_Solutions - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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