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Unformatted text preview: Exam #3 2/14/08 Closed book, closed notes, calculators allowed (this exam only) Chapter 5 – sections 5.2 ‐ hardware adders Section 5.3.5 – arithmetic overflow Chapter 7 – section3 – gated D Latch, propagation delay, Section 7.4.2 – edge triggered D ff (know both rising edge and falling edge triggered) Section 7.4.3 – asynchronous inputs (know both active high and active low) Section 7.5 ‐ T ff Section 7.6 – JK ff Section 7.8.1 – shift registers Section 7.9.2 – Synchronous Counters Section 7.10 – Design of a MOD X counter where X is not a power of 2 Also, use of counters as clock or frequency dividers, set‐up and hold time definitions Pages 316‐321 (Mux introduction) HW 6 & 7 Labs 6 & 7 ...
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