HW4 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology Digital Fundamentals 20072 0618-301 HW #4 HW #4 Due 1/17/08 1. There is a small table in the lounge on your dorm floor. The table is only large enough for four chairs to fit around it. You and your roommate like to use this table so you can study for your Digital Fundamentals class together. The problem is, many times when you want to use the table there aren’t two adjacent chairs available for you and your roommate to sit at. The two of you have decided to design a circuit that will detect when any two adjacent seats are available at the table. Each chair has been equipped with wireless switch (S0, S1, S2, and S3) that output a ZERO if the seat is available and a ONE of the seat is occupied. What you need to do is design a combinational logic circuit that will output a ONE whenever there are two adjacent seats available at the table. S3
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HW4 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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