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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology Digital Fundamentals 20072 0618-301 Lab #6 Tekbot Control with Wired Remote Pre-Laboratory: In this lab you will be designing a circuit that controls the movement of the Tekbot according to three switch values. You will be able to use the switches on your d_logic.1 board for testing. Extra d_logic.1 boards will be available in the lab to use as wired remotes once your Tekbot is responding correctly to the button pushes described below. When designing your circuit, keep in mind the following hardware characteristics of the tekbot motors: There are 2 signals that control each motor. They are REN, LEN (right and left enable) and RDIR, LDIR (right and left direction). A 0 on REN or LEN turns the motor on and a 1 turns it off. A 1 on a RDIR or LDIR rotates the wheel in the forward direction and a 0 rotates the wheel in the backward direction.
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lab6_v1 - Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications...

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