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Electrical, Computer, & Telecommunications Engineering Technology Digital Fundamentals 20072 0618-301 Lab #1 Introduction to Logic Gates Educational Objective: The educational objective of this laboratory is to investigate the behavior of basic AND, OR, and INVERTER gates. The use of these gates to implement a simple combinational logic circuit will be explored. Pre-Laboratory: 1. Review chapter 2 sections 2-4 and chapter 3 section 3.5.1 in the textbook. 2. Read and completely understand the entire procedure portion of this laboratory. 3. Obtain the manufacturer’s data sheets for the three IC’s used in this laboratory. Label each of the figures with the package pin numbers from the data sheets. 4. Prepare your laboratory with circuits and tables as depicted in the procedure such that clear, understandable data can be recorded. Make tables large enough to allow data entry. Leave plenty of room between steps for notes, comments and correction. Be sure to label all pin numbers on the schematics for easier building and troubleshooting. 5. Your pre-lab should contain 2 of each of the truth tables in the procedure. The first must be completed with your predicted results and the second will be completed during the laboratory experiment. Procedure: The AND Gate: 1. Using the manufacturer's data sheet for the 74LS08 as a reference, connect a single AND gate as shown in figure #1 as follows: Connect Vcc and GND of the IC package to +5 V and ground.
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lab1 - Electrical Computer Telecommunications Engineering...

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