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Laboratory Eight

Laboratory Eight - 0618-231 Technical Programming I...

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0618-231 Technical Programming I Fall 20071 Laboratory Assignment Eight The Last Lab Learning Objectives: This lab assignment is intended to allow you to demonstrate you can solve problems using C++ arrays. You are to electronically submit a response NLT 11:59pm on November 4, 2007 . A portion of this assignment will be checked by the lab instructor during the lab session. Pre-Laboratory Activities: 1. Review the course materials posted at the mycourses.com site. 2. Read Chapters 1 – 7 and 11 in the Bronson text. 3. Write a simple encryption/decryption program which consists of three functions. The main() function declares a character array called ‘message’ and initializes it to contain a message (e.g. char message[] = “RIT Students are Smart“; ). The function encrypt() receives the character array as an argument, changes the symbol stored in each element of the array by adding 1 to the stored value and returns to the calling function. The function decrypt()
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