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0618-231 Technical Programming I Fall 20071 Laboratory Assignment Four Loops and More Loops Learning Objectives: This lab assignment allows the student to demonstrate problem solving using procedural programming skills to write code which properly uses C++ program flow control structures. You are to electronically submit a response NLT October 7, 2007 . There is a portion of this assignment to be checked by the lab instructor during the lab period. Pre-Laboratory Activities: 1. Review the course materials posted on the myCourses web site. 2. Read Chapters 1 – 5 and the random number generator material in Chapter 7 in the text. 3. Construct a program which uses a while structure to select the maximum value of several numbers entered by the user. The program should prompt the user to enter five numbers between 1 and 100. Then it should display the largest number and whether it was the first, second, third, fourth or fifth entry . Make sure your code is user-friendly. Your laboratory instructor will observe your code and its operation during the lab session.
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