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0618-231 Technical Programming I Fall 20071 Laboratory Assignment Three Selection Control Learning Objectives: This lab assignment is intended to allow you to demonstrate that you can solve a problem using C++ selection structures. You are to electronically submit a lab report NLT Sunday September 30, 2007. There is a portion of this assignment to be checked by the instructor during the lab period. Task #1: Pre-Laboratory Activities: 1. Review the course materials posted on the myCourses course site. 2. Read and know material in Chapters 1 - 4 in the text. Start to review and scan Chapter 5. 3. Using an “if-else” structure , construct a program which converts the two coordinates of a point from either rectangular to polar format or from polar to rectangular format. Be sure your code works in this order. The program should first ask the user to input the two coordinates for a point. The program should then ask the user whether these coordinates are rectangular or polar. Depending on this answer,
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