Laboratory Zero

Laboratory Zero - the Content Conference of Week One in the myCourses web site Task#2 Main Problem Description Write a “Hello World” program

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0618-231 Technical Programming I Fall Quarter 20071 Laboratory Zero (Practice Assignment) The First Week Learning Objectives: All laboratory assignments in this course are tests of your problem solving abilities. This lab is intended to make sure you can write a simple program using Visual Studio 2005 and that you can properly submit a response to a Laboratory Assignment to Dropbox Conference of myCourses. The due date for this assignment is not later than 11:59pm on Sunday September 9, 2007 . However, most students will finish it during their initial laboratory session. Task #1: Pre-Laboratory Activities: 1. Review the syllabus and the course materials posted on the myCourses web site. 2. Read Chapters 1 and 2 in the course textbook. 3. Attend the first Lab Session and the Lab Instructor will demonstrate how to use Visual Studio.Net and demonstrate uploading an assignment. 4. You may refer to the PowerPoint charts “Getting Started With VS 2005” available in
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Unformatted text preview: the Content Conference of Week One in the myCourses web site. Task #2: Main Problem Description: Write a “Hello World” program. The Lab Instructor will show you, step-by-step, how to use Visual Studio 2005 to construct the source code (.cpp extension) file, compile and execute it. Submit Your Response: On your desktop, place the source code file (.cpp) for the “Hello World” program in a new folder. The Lab Instructor will show you how to do this. Name the folder with your last name. Open the Drop Box Conference of myCourses and use the Browse button to submit this .zip folder with its enclosed source code file. Within the Drop Box Conference, students will see several assignment folders into which submissions can be uploaded. Be sure you upload your response to the correct folder – the one with the correct lab assignment number. Assignment is due not later than 11:59pm on Sunday September 9, 2007 ....
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