A9 - ExCiTe Homework Assignment #9 (DUE: 11/5/07) Course...

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ExCiTe Homework Assignment #9 (DUE: 11/5/07) Course Review Show ALL OF YOUR WORK Follow the homework format described in the syllabus Individual Assignment (problems 1 through 26) 1. What is one minute expressed in milliseconds? 2. Evaluate the following expression and place your answer in engineering notation: (15 ð 10 -6 )/(5 ð 10 -9 ) = 3. Express 462 nano-amps in engineering notation. 4. How much energy is expended in moving a 20 coulomb charge through a potential difference of 0.5 volts? 5. Which one of these statements is true? a. An insulator allows no current to pass, regardless of the magnitude of the applied voltage. b. Insulator materials typically have four electrons in the outermost valence ring. c. An insulator has very few free electrons in the valence ring. d. Air provides better insulation qualities than do solid materials such as glass or mica. 6. A semiconductor with a negative temperature coefficient a. exhibits a large resistance change at temperatures below 0 ø C. b. exhibits a negative resistance at temperatures below 0
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A9 - ExCiTe Homework Assignment #9 (DUE: 11/5/07) Course...

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