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STRENGTHS QUEST REFLECTION - 3 Which of the five themes...

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STRENGTHS QUEST REFLECTION Verifying Your Signature Themes PART I: Interviews As you reflect on your Signature Themes and what it all means, it is important that you talk with people who know you very well and care about you. If you can, email your Signature Theme Report from the Strengths Quest site (www.strengthsquest.com) or make copies. The object is to see your gifts through another’s eyes. You will need to interview three different people. Tell them about the Strengths Quest assessment and about your signature themes. Let the person read through the report, or read it to them, and then ask the following questions. Record his/her answers. 1. For each of the Signature Themes ask: a. Do you see this theme in me? b. Please give me an example Repeat for all five themes 2. What surprises you?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Which of the five themes have you noticed most in me? 4. Are there any additional themes or talents that you see in me? (You can share the other themes listed on your reference sheet) 5. In essay format, summarize the information collected during the interviews. PART II: Self-Reflection In essay format, respond to the following questions : 1. What was your first reaction to your Signature Themes (top 5 strengths). 2. What Signature Themes do you feel fit you best? Why? 3. Which of your Signature Themes hold the talents you use most frequently? Where do you use them? 4. Were there any surprises? 5. Which talents do you most want to develop? Required essay format: Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, submit to dropbox as .doc file....
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