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Choice Assignment: Miller Presentation Nabil Habayeb, General Electric’s CEO of the Middle East and Africa Region “Technology and Service in an Emerging Market.” GE is a company known for continuous innovation. Every day we all benefit from their research and inventions, and the future holds even greater opportunity for things many of us have never considered. Mr. Habayeb will lead a discussion detailing some of GE’s actions and innovations as a global company, with emphasis on their efforts in the Middle East and Africa. He will discuss how new technologies such as renewable energy and water desalination play a part in the ever-changing global marketplace. Learn how the balanced approach of environmental initiatives and innovation opens
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Unformatted text preview: opportunities for continued growth to General Electric. WHEN: October 22, 2007, Monday 12 noon WHERE: Bldg 70 (Golisano), Room 1400 Instructions: 1. Attend the above referenced presentation by Mr. Habayeb of General Electic. 2. In essay format, summarize the presentation. Include at least the following information in your essay: • Discuss the information, material, background, etc. was offered by Mr. Habayeb • Describe what took place at this event • Choose one of the new technologies that Mr Habayeb described and give your opinion about what impact it could have on the world. • Required format: double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman Please contact your instructor ahead of time with any questions or concerns....
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