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Panel Questions

Panel Questions - CHOOSE ONE organization from this list...

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Questions for Alumni / Student Panel Instructions: On a separate sheet of paper, record your responses to the questions below and submit to the appropriate dropbox folder by Oct. 15, 2007 at 9am. 1. Visit the Cooperative Education and Career Services website. You can get there from the RIT homepage: www.rit.edu 2. Identify your career advisor and obtain the following information: Career advisor name Phone number Email address Office location Hours of operation 3. Regarding your major, identify your co-op salary range/hourly pay (hint: click on the program link to the left of your advisor name). Also, review the list of companies that employ co-op students in your program.
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Unformatted text preview: CHOOSE ONE organization from this list that interests you and search their website for the following information. • Company name, location(s) • Explain, in detail, why this company interests you. • Does the website offer their company ethics or code of conduct? If so, please summarize the information provided. 4. Describe at least five (5) key student services offered by the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services. 5. Compose three (3) thoughtful questions to present to your panel guests. Please contact your instructor ahead of time with any questions or concerns....
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