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Choice Assignment: START OF CLASS ACTIVITY Instructions: 1. Develop an activity to be used at the start of class. Submit a proposal to your instructor at least one week prior to your planned activity. Your proposal should include the following: Detailed description of activity Purpose of activity Expected outcomes Length of activity Desired class date to offer activity Additional resources needed 2. Once your proposal has been approved in its entirety, you will need to officially schedule your “class debut” with your instructor.
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Unformatted text preview: You will be offered only one date for your activity. Please note: you will not be allowed to reschedule this activity. 3. At your scheduled debut, you will be required to start class (on time) with your activity. You will be solely responsible for every aspect of your class activity, but you may request volunteer assistance ahead of time. Please note: you are the only student receiving a grade for this activity. Please contact your instructor ahead of time with any questions or concerns....
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