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AUTOBIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT DUE: Sept. 10, 2007 by 9am Part I. Reflect Reflect on your life and visualize the future you want. Below are guiding questions that may help focus your  thoughts: 1. What values or principles shape my life? 2. What has led me to where I am today? 3. What strengths do I have that will aid in my success? What areas must I further develop? 4. What qualities am I hoping to develop in my life? 5. What contributions do I want to make to others and to my community? 6. What skills must be developed in order to have the future I want? 7. What kind of person do I want to become?  What do I want to be known for?
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Unformatted text preview: Part II. Write Answer the questions from part one in essay format. Your responses should be detailed. Use the following format: double-spaced, twelve point font. Part III. Personal Philosophy/Mission Statement Write your personal philosophy/mission statement based on your responses to the above questions. This statement should be 2-3 SENTENCES in length and will reflect who you are and what you want at this point in time. Please place your mission statement at the bottom of the essay—design it so that it stands out, and is clearly written (bolded, color, symbols added, etc.)...
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