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ECT ET LC - First Year Enrichment(FYE First College of...

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First Year Enrichment First Year Enrichment (FYE) College of Applied Science & Technology College of Applied Science & Technology ECT ET Learning Community Instructor: Eve White Office Location: 47-1033 (Sol Heumann Residence Hall, first floor) Phone: (585) 475-6092 Email: [email protected] *Visit the MyCourses FYE class link for updates* Other Learning Community Faculty: NAME E-MAIL CLASS OFFICE PHONE Mike Eastman [email protected] Department Chair 70-1101 475-7787 Steve Ciccarelli [email protected] Intro to ECT 70-1121 475-4736 Jim Hurney [email protected] Intro to ECT 70-1373 475-5726 Tony Trippe [email protected] Tech Program. I 70-1345 475-6537 Sydney Seaver [email protected] Academic Advisor 70-1101 475-2172 Required Text: THE ENGINEER OF 2020; VISIONS OF ENGINEERING IN THE NEW CENTURY . National Academy of Engineering of The National Academie. The National Academies Press. Washington, DC. www.nap.edu At RIT we are invested in you being successful from the very start. Meeting once a week during fall and winter quarters, the First Year Enrichment (FYE) course will focus on providing you with proven strategies to enhance your personal, academic and professional success and facilitate your transition to the RIT community. Your FYE instructor will also serve as your performance coach for the year. In this unique role, your instructor will be available to provide assistance with any issues you may experience this year and will help you to establish academic and personal goals to maximize your potential to achieve academic success and meet the challenges frequently presented by collegiate life. Goals of the course : a) Transition and Community Involvement. To support students as they make the transition from high school and assist them in their acclimation to RIT community by fostering student engagement and involvement within academic programs, colleges and the university as a whole. b) Campus Resources. To promote awareness and utilization of campus resources and services as a means toward achieving academic and personal success. 1
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c) Academic Personal Success Strategies. To assist students in the development of personal and academic success strategies.
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