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Ch8 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS 1. One reason that organizations need performance measures is to drive strategies and organizational change. 2. Data and measurement are equivalent. 3. Information is derived from the analysis of data. 4. Traditional information systems emphasize financial and productivity information. 5. Performance measures and indicators should reflect the most important factors that predict customer satisfaction and business performance. 6. The use of statistical techniques, such as regression and analysis of variance, will ensure an organization’s ability to effectively analyze data. 7. On-time delivery is an example of a financially focused measure. 8. At the process level, quality and operational performance data form the basis for strategic planning and decision-making. 9. The concept of quality cost emerged in the 1950s. 10. Production volume and seasonal influences affect quality costs. 11. The cost of quality is a key financial performance indicator. 12. In a TQ-focused company, quality related data should be restricted to personnel in the quality control department. 13. Data mining is a type of interlinking. 14. A hotel’s use of ratings and awards from travel industry publications to assess its competitive status is an example of using comparative data. 15. Quality costs in services are generally labor dependent. 16. Key business drivers represent things that separate an organization from its competition and define strengths to exploit or weaknesses to correct. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following is not a benefit derived from good data and information management? a. Workers obtain concrete feedback on their performance. b. Operational cost are lowered due to better planning and improvement actions. c. Large quantities of data-laden reports are generated. d. Indicators provide effective measurement of customer service levels.
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2. Companies that recognize the importance of reliable and appropriate data and information practice all of the following activities except a. A comprehensive set of performance indicators are developed. b. Information sources and their uses are continually refined. c. They ensure that hardware and software systems are user-friendly. d. Quality control departments perform the collection and analysis of data. 3. A set of financial, market, operational, and employee performance measures for management review and use is an example of a. an enterprise resource plan. b. an interlinking model. c. a data mine. d. a balanced scorecard. 4. Operational improvement is an example of a a. customer-focused measure. b. organizational effectiveness measure. c. governance measure. d. social responsibility measure. 5.
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qc - Ch8 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9....

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