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Fairport High School AP Physics C Course Info INSTRUCTOR: Christian Bieg: , [email protected] phone: 421-2100, Fairport High School TEXT: Fundamentals of PREREQUISITES: Completion of Regents Physics, Physics AP B, passing grade or concurrent enrollment in Calculus The focus of this course is to prepare students to successfully take the complete Advanced Placement Physics C Exam in May. The curriculum for this course is determined by the College Board and is covered at an accelerated pace with main emphasis on Newtonian Mechanics (Ch. 1-16) , and Electricity and Magnetism (Ch. 22-32). The AP C course is designed as a second year Physics course. Emphasis is placed on solving a variety of challenging problems. Mechanincs constitutes the first part of the full year course and Electricity and Magnetism is taught during the second part of the year. Students will use trigonometry, algebra, and calculus to manipulate physical concepts and formalize these concepts in the language of mathematics. Instructional approaches include demonstrations, lectures, laboratories, class discussions, student worksheets, homework, frequent quizzes, unit tests, possible student projects, guest speakers and field trips. EXPECTED STUDENT LEARNING RESULTS
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2012 for the course PHYSIC 1 taught by Professor Fairport during the Spring '11 term at Fairfield.

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AP Physics Course Info - Fairport High School AP Physics C...

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