Why Do Ethnicities Clash

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Unformatted text preview: Why Do Ethnicities Why Do Ethnicities Clash? (probably because they have kids) Ethnic Competition to Ethnic Competition to Dominate Nationality Sub­Saharan Africa is especially besieged with problems Horn of Africa, central Africa Horn of Africa Horn of Africa Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia Ethiopia and Eritrea: Eritrea sought independence from Ethiopia; 1993 became independent state, and then lost independence when Ethiopia took possession again in 2000 Horn of Africa Horn of Africa Sudan: civil war between Christians and animist rebels in southern provinces and Muslim dominated government forces in north Southerners resisting government attempts to convert the country to one nationality tied to Muslim traditions Horn of Africa Horn of Africa Somalia: overwhelmingly Sunni, speak Somali; 6 major clans that traditionally occupy different parts of the country; when government collapsed, various clans claimed control over portions of the country; 1992, US sent troops to protect delivery of food, and reduce numbers of weapons in hands of rebels; after peace talks collapsed in 1994, US withdrew Lebanon Lebanon Fighting among religious factions since the 70’s; precise distribution of religions is unknown, because there has not been recent census; fighting over control of government led to civil war, with Lebanon resultantly being controlled by Syria Dividing Ethnicities Among Dividing Ethnicities Among More Than One State Newly independent countries are created to separate two ethnicities South Asia: division of India into India and Pakistan; based on antagonism between Hindus and Muslims Resulted in massive migration because the boundaries did not correspond to the territory inhabited by the diff. ethnicities The two countries have never agreed on the location of the boundary between the two (Kashmir); since 1972, there has been a “line of control” through the region Muslims make up majority in both portions; have fought guerilla war to reunify Kashmir either as part of Pakistan or as independent country In India, more unrest due to Sikhs who were not given own country when India was partitioned; majority of Punjab is Sikh, have fought for control over Punjab or independence from India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Formerly Ceylon 20 million inhabitants Fighting between Sinhalese and Tamils Sinhalese: 74% of pop., migrated from northern India in 5th century BC, occupy the southern part of island Tamils: 18% of pop., migrated across Palk Strait from India in 3rd cent. BC, occupy northern part of island; Buddhist Sri Lanka, cont. Sri Lanka, cont. Dispute between ethnicities goes back 2,000 years but was suppressed during 300 of European rule Since independence, Sinhalese have dominated Tamils receive support from Tamils in other countries for rebellion that began in 1983 ...
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