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Mozarmi 1 Sean Mozarmi Ms. Zwick AP English Literature 19 January 2011 Heath Guide Discussion Questions 1. temperate: moderate or self-restrained, not in excess. 2. The speaker emphasizes imperfect and vacillating extremes of a summer’s day. He emphasizes not the beauty of the summer’s day but its beautiful effect on the person whom the speaker adores. He compares the fleeting summer day to the eternal beauty of his interest. His interest makes the summer’s day look quite undesirable. He would not flatter the summer’s day but rather his interest.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The summer’s day is extreme and temporary, but the speaker’s love possesses an immortall, permanent beauty. 1. wanton: deliberate and without motive or provocation; un-called for 2. By Line 6. 3. By Line 3, it is a metaphor. Crashaw develops about 9 metaphors. 4. When they are excessively used in metaphor, almost permanently in metaphor. It is that line that blurs the line between reality and imagination. 5. The conceits do seem obsessive, as they are all describing just a simple tear drop....
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