heathguide4 - is the person of lower social status Usually...

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Sean Mozarmi Ms. Zwick AP English Literature 23 January 2011 1. The poem is fully of everyday figures representing greater things. For example, “word” is a synecdoche for conversation or news. The “vessel” “ship” can also represent any method of delivering news. The poem does not so much focus on the literal meanings of “ship” and “word,” but of the grand scheme of things of which these images are include. 1. “Cannon-shot” evokes fearful violent and destructive emotions, as cannons are almost always associated with war. It also evokes two or more opposing sides because of an unresolved conflict. It evokes death and loss of family as well. 2. The “beggar upon horseback” is the person of higher social status, while the “beggar on foot”
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Unformatted text preview: is the person of lower social status. Usually in revolutions it is the lower social level revolting against the higher, dominant social stratosphere. Moreover, the “beggar on horseback” is mostly likely a government police force trying to subdue the rebel. 3. “On foot” is an instance of metonymy. It symbolizes a lower social level and poverty, being the “lowest” of the societal chain. 4. The lash symbolizes power. In the poem, the higher social level has the power over the lower social level. At the end of the poem, the power is switched. The poem is emphasizing the capriciousness of social spheres and the corruption of power. This has been seen in many revolutions, predominantly in the French Revolution....
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heathguide4 - is the person of lower social status Usually...

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